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Post-FAOPMA Pest Shenzhen Summit Reflection
來源:Carlos.Gu GM/ Minder PMPs    時間:2018-11-22     分享:

I am greatly honored to have attended many times the FAOPMA-Pest Summit. From Penang, Chiang Mai, Brisbane to Shenzhen, we learnt together, harvested friendship and deepened our thinking.

Learning: The latest research from experts in different fields can improve your knowledge of PCO.

Friendship: With peer practitioners with different skin colors from different countries, we engage in passionate interaction with PCO friends.

Thinking: We need to think deeply different ideas and trends and apply different technologies and products.

The theme of the 2018 FAOPMA-Pest Summit is “Pest and Health”. From September 26th to 29th, the 2018 FAOPMA Pest Summit was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As an international organization of the industry, the summit is held in different countries every year. It focuses on academic reports, experience sharing and exchanges of national laws and regulations. It is an important platform to strengthen international cooperation and promotion of pest control.

The success of the FAOPMA Pest Summit in Shenzhen brought us:

Future: The word “future” is huge and unknown to many people. Business-wise, we need to have a very clear understanding of the future trends. Our government, experts, professors, and entrepreneurs give us their insights. The use of new technologies in the intelligent Internet of things, the continuous warming of the climate and the changes in human migration behavior have transformed us from being driven by the health and economy to being driven by the environment and human behavior. Despite more severe challenges facing the world, the World Health Organization (“Global Vector Control Response 2017-2030”) and China's “HEALTH CHINA 2030” show the new demands of the government for the future, i.e. Infectious associated with social behavior, Potential new infectious diseases in China tomorrow, ID and EID, Pathogen, Human, Animal and Vector

  Associate: Thanks to the host of the summit, participants continued to learn about the association's introduction, professional knowledge and pre-shared summit information six months ago. The association needs to coordinate different countries, different departments, different sponsors and different contents. As a participant, you can profoundly realize that an efficient and rigorous conference requires the support of different partners, which, for PCO practitioners, is also a great boost for the growth of you and your organization.

Opportunity: This is a very good platform. This year's FAOPMA-Pest Shenzhen Summit has added a new session: front-line research and management staff experience-sharing. While scholars, officials, and professors share experiences, every friend who is willing to participate in will have an opportunity to express as long as you have good themes and contents.

Product: New and innovative products were constantly emerging, demonstrating vitality of our PCO industry. The consistently rigorous and traditional top 500 companies in the world presented products that have been polished for a long time in the laboratory. New products are more competitive, environmentally friendly and safe. Emerging companies will also make innovations in packaging, ingredients, application, and design. All of this aim to show customers new values, and meet their new demands in areas of hygienic pesticides, sanitary insecticide equipment, cleaning and disinfection products, daily chemical products, large equipment and drones (unmanned aerial vehicles).

Machine: Good machines and equipment are tools to increase productivity. The civilization and continuation of the industrial society proves that the machine has overturned thousand years of human evolution. This is the charm of the machine: Portable charging sprayer, 24H smart device that can follow traces..... Internet of things controlling mosquitoes, AI intelligent monitoring system and even the application of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in pest control system...

Appreciation: From medicine machine, agricultural and forestry pests and diseases, dengue treatment, document management, bed bug prevention, residential pests... Presidents, academicians, disease control experts, pesticide experts, and university professors of pest management associations in different countries and regions are invited. In this summit, we are not only grateful to all participants for helping us grow, but also grateful to this era for giving us a new future, new collaborations, new opportunities, new products and new machines. Gratefulness will lead to us to meeting at the next FAOPMA.

FAOPMA, grow professionally together with your curiosity and learning attitudes.


Carlos.Gu GM/ Minder PMPs (China, PCO)  November 12, 2018

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